To all pertinent authorities:

On September 13 a mass murder of refugees in the Mediterranean is in the news. 500 people were on board on a ship that was later rammed. Only 10 survived. Six of them were transferred to Chania, Crete. Among them a young woman who had rescued two young children until the authorities had them collected. Unfortunately, one of them died during the transport. The child struggled for four days in the sea, but could not last a little longer…

The 19-year-old woman, a Syrian citizen, is Doaa Shorri. She held in her hands the two children for 4 days and 4 nights. She had even placed one of them inside her lifejacket, since she is a very petite woman.

She is now in Chania on her own, a guest at the house of the president of the local Egyptian community. She is struggling to push aside the memory of dozen of corpses floating around her, among them the parents of the children she held in her hands, and her fiancé, whom she saw sink in the waters of the Mediterranean, the deadly route they had to take for a safe place and a better life.

Doaa had fled Syria because of the war; she went first to Egypt were she was imprisoned two times because she had no «papers»; now, she is in Greece, where she arrived in effect by swimming, and in the meantime she had saved two babies. The Greek police issued for her a 6-month deferral of deportation document.

The Palestinian consulate takes care of her Palestinians companions; the baby is in the hands of the Red Cross and the Swedish embassy. With regard to Doaa, WE have to take care of her. WE have to ensure that young Doaa reaches her destination, Sweden, and hopefully one day succeeds in appeasing the bites of the frozen, salty water and the burning sun.

This woman has a name, but her name did not make the news. Now we know it, because we met her in person, and from now on it will be for us synonymous with strength, courage and commitment to the fellow person. Doaa, born in 1995, has been through everything unimaginable for most people who hear the news onTV from the safety of their home. She left half her family in Egypt; the rest is still in Syria. As for her partner, he is now in the bottom of the Mediterranean.

We in the Forum of Migrants in Crete, with no intention to make an exception of her, since we stand firmly on the belief that all refugees are entitled to travel documents and that closed border send thousands of innocent people to the grave, we do emphatically address all pertinent authorities and recommend that all possibilities of the law should be utilized in order this small heroine obtains documents and continues her journey to the not-so-distant Sweden. Let us all help!


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