Our comrade Abdul Hajji returned alone and last from Israel

Wounded and clearly beleaguered, our comrade Abdul Hajji, member of the Greek dispatch to Gaza, returned during the early sunrise hours yesterday in Chania.

He is the last member of the “A Ship to Gaza” Accord – the Greek department of the international “Free Gaza Movement” – to return from Israel.

He was on board of the Sphendone boat where violent affrays during its occupation took place, as passengers and crew made their firm stand [http://vimeo.com/12285010 – at the beginning of the video you can hear our comrade shouting “to the cabin, to the cabin”, urging his comrades to retreat into the bridge]. C. Abdul was seriously wounded on his arm from gunstock blow, when along with the captain “they violently resisted” in their effort to defend the bridge from falling into the hands of the commando force. On the Asdot harbour as well as in jail he suffered
the brutal ill-treatment, humiliations and constrictions that have already come to light from his fellow prisoners testimony. Even during his stay in Tel-Aviv hospital he was obliged to suffer the humiliating behaviour of doctors, nurses, and patients.

Abdul Hajji returned alone, apart from the rest dispatch-members, who had returned earlier on board of the C-130 plane, as he was not searched out by Greek authorities. Despite constant efforts from both our part and his fellow-prisoners, so as to be included in the list of the members searched out, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs flatly refused to take him off the claws of the Israelis. The reason was not hidden: Abdul Hajji did not owe a “western” passport and even though he has been living in Greece for 17 years, obviously -as far as Greek authorities are concerned- to be acknowledged as westerner is a matter of origin rather than choice.

After Israel’s surprise decision to deport without exception all passengers of the Freedom Fleet, Abdul Hajji was isolated from the rest of the Greek dispatch captives and was deported to Jordan by plane, on his own once again – separately from the rest captives who were deported by car to the same country. Mosant officials were escorting our comrade so as to hand him over to Jordan’s authorities which in turn had to send him off to his country of origin – where he faces charges and would definitely rot in jail.

It was principally thanks to his own courage and “nerve”, that this man achieved a narrow escape, moving all alone, wounded, without either cell-phone or money, sleepless for days and with the signs of maltreatment on his body; his only ally was our isolated, desperate effort here in remote Chania.

He returned to tell us something very specific while responding to the first and principal question: “why did you go there?” Abdul Hajji as well as all the other participants in this effort aimed at making known to the public the illegal and murderous blockade of 1,500,000 people. This could be accomplished in two ways: “we will either achieve this [raising the blockade] or we shall loose our life and a movement against those who terrorize a whole people will emerge”.

Abdul Hajji gave a press conference yesterday in the office of the Immigrants’ Forum of Crete, during which he described his astonishing experience. At the same time he had the chance to denounce the racially criminal indifference of the state, which nearly deprived him of his return and freedom. Through the 2 following links you will find the whole of his recorded conference as published by the local media:



Also take a look through the links below:




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